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While Rockman himself is turning 26, it's not a pretty number to our minds since we count our values on a base 10 system. So Let's give X a nice hat tip for being memorable and in our gaming hearts for now 20 years! 

On side note, expect things to slowly fall back into order at this place. Capcom won't do anything for Rockman, but it doesn't mean the rest of us should sleeping! There's still stuff to be done!
           Our Miracle Rainbow Soilder Rockman good fight continues! To new adventures ahead!
                  Flipping thought the pages of R20 Rockman And Rockman X Complete Works, it is interesting to note that Quickman started his life as "Boomerangman".  Considering the boomerang shaped marker on his helmet and body, it is not hard to see the early relationship to the Aboriginal throwing weapon.  But while these origins makes perfect sense, it begs the question; how in the world did "Boomerangman" transformed into a velocity themed robot?

       For those of you wondering where I was, I have been tasked with traveling through and about China the last four weeks. While not quite completely work, it was not exactly a vacation either. And so, between the lack of downtime on the computer, spotty availability of internet, and the Great Firewall of China causing all sorts of problems, accomplishing site posts was indeed quite questionable.  I'm still overseas as I am typing this, though my flight back is coming fast.  The trip has provided inspiration for a few articles, as well as time for me to recall other interesting tidbits I had wanted to share. I'll be making my return trip back stateside on the 17th.  I'll be seeing what I can type up during the 13 hour flight for an update as soon as I return.

                   Roll, Mayl and Luna need to watch out as a new rival idol group is out for their spot!  In other news, while my ability to dutifully work on full updates is still curtailed by my current situation, it does seem I'll be able at least moderate comments. So comment away as they are opened again~
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           Well things got sped up, so the site is closing up on the comments and update front starting from TODAY until April 16th.  Though I'm going to be busy with errands though most of the time, hopefully I'll have a stockpile stuff ready for the website when I return.  Take care~

                So what happened with all the site updates? Well I have some sudden personal business to attend recently, and to which unfortunately also will result in me having no internet from March 22 to April 15 as well.  It's absolutely nothing to have any concern about, but no internet means no updates sadly.  Since I am going to be away for a while, I will be naturally take this opportunity to do my usual over thinking about Rockman with my cognitive surplus in my down time.  This is where you come in.
               Namely I'm putting a call out to you the audience for questions and topics of discussion for this website.  While I'm in no shortage of article topics to write about (hovering around 46 last I counted), something new for me to spin my wheels is always welcomed.  As with how this website works, anything remotely Rockman related is allowed.  Put your suggestions in the comments bellow and I'll see what I can do with them during my 3 week away time~  The deadline is Noon PDT March 22, so if there is something on your mind, do so quickly~
Yashibu town's Bachi statue.
           Ryusei No Rockman's Yashibu Town is a fairly interesting place. A bustling commercial district with it's giant revolving Moai-esque statue, department store that houses a whole event hall on the roof, and a statue of a dog named "Bachi" that serves as a meeting point.  While the general oddities may make this area seem like a spontaneous original creation, its name is a mere one syllable location alteration of Tokyo's Shibuya, the area's busiest shopping district.  And this gives new context to that strange dog statue meeting spot,...