Even without this video, I think every one of you already know that the Dash Series was Inafune's favorite game series creation and that Dash 3 has been a game he has been wanting to make for the last decade. As I had mentioned in the "Why you don't blame the Developers" article, I have touched on how as a Producer, Inafune has in the past  resorted to  "underhanded" means to get what he feels needed to get a game out.  So with the insanity that had bombarded Capcom last week, and the scrambling of fan bids to save the game, I can't help feeling that all of this was Inafune's intention all along. 
            Knowing the financial board of directors were not enthusiastic of the game, it is looking to me like Inafune decided to plant seeds in the fans to react if the game did not get a final release.  By stringing the fans along with the expectations of the game's production early in the prototype phase, any sort of cancellation would feel abrupt and unexpected. This would then in turn incite action in the fans against Capcom, with the hope the outrage can force Capcom's hand to see the game to completion.
             What make me say all this? Well all the public fanfare for a developmental prototype seem to be a huge indicator.  Usually, games not yet been completely green lighted are not public knowledge. This would be especially true for games that have only be funded to it's prototype phase.  It is after a game gets pass this phase does information of it start surfacing. But this concept was totally turned upside down with Dash 3. We got a proud bold video announcement staring Inafune before hardly anything was even developed, something we can easily notice due to the lack of any sort of graphics with the video.

             To fuel the fire further, the Developers Room which allow for input for the superficial aspects for designs in the game, is actually proving to serve far better as a fan support center to get the game reinstated . In the past, anger would only be directed to e-mails, which usually end up nowhere, never to see the light of day.  Funny that now the very public aspect of the Developers Room allows to showcase the opinions and frustrations of the fans all wanting to see Dash 3 return to development.  To cap all of this, Inafune as Global Head of Production of Capcom was in the position to set this all up and did so shortly before he made his exit from Capcom.
             Though, I'll admit all of this rambling is just merely brain droppings on my part. It's not like I actually have any sort of insider info or work in the industry. It is merely speculation. But if it is true and we could hold Inafune responsible for this, kudos to him. But either way I hope the insanity continues and Capcom gets weak knees in the face of the fans, enough to go back to game production.  Be sure to join in the brawl as well so we can get that Rocket working and Rock home at last~

07/29/2011 12:09pm

Looks like Keiji Inafune covered all his bases on this one, eh? A bit of a Xanatos Gambit ( http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/XanatosGambit ), I suppose:
- Rockman DASH 3 gets made, Inafune wins.
- It doesn't get made, the fans rage and turn against Capcom, Inafune wins.
- It gets made down the road by another company, fans still turn against Capcom and get their game, Inafune wins.

No matter the outcome, it seems like Inafune wins. If that's not genius, I don't know WHAT is. Heh heh.

08/05/2011 12:27pm

Joe, have you been listening in on my top-secret conversations with Protodude lately? :P

08/05/2011 7:16pm

Naaaaah. I just like a good conspiracy theory and know how to spin it but good. :3


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