To all those concerned and involved,
     I wish to tell a short story of a game that almost didn't happen.  This game was to be a sequel to a brand new original IP that you had at the time just published.  Although there was definitely a positive public response, you felt that it was tepid, and that far easier money could be made elsewhere with other games.   As such, the managers and executives of your company had no interest in publishing a sequel........

     But not all was lost, as the small band of developers who made the original game all saw a spark in the game concept.  Something about their creation spoke to them, a life energy that promised both success and the enjoyment of millions of people.  In protest they fought with the managers and executives to get the privilege to take the game concept to the next level via a sequel.  Hard-nosed and stubborn  as always, management still did not think any money deserved to be invested it's way.   "There are easier, lower fruit that is to be had" they claimed, "there's too much risk trying something new" they cried and they stood firm to their decision.
      In desperation, the development staff gave a proposition: "Would you let us make this game if we did it on our own time?". The managers and executives gave pause.  "Give us permission to create this game and we will continue to work on game projects as you assign them at full force.  Only during our downtime will we develop this game."  For management, this offer proved too good of a deal to pass up.  At worst, this deal would quiet the crying developers, who would simply give up on "this game" after being exhausted from their regular duties. As such, the deal with accepted, but the time given was limited. Three months.
      And thus development began.  The development staff put in long unpaid after hours work revising the designs, programing, bug checking.  The left over ideas from the first game's development were implemented and refined. Sometimes the developers even found themselves sleeping at the office. Although was a difficult and stressful process, the developers worked happily and diligently. They poured their heart and soul into the game believing their hard effort will shine through in their product and that the original concepts did have the potential they saw in it.   The game was finally released on December 24th, 1988.
      So what happened with this game? The sequel to the tepidly popular game that the executives couldn't care to spend a cent on?   Well, it sold over one and a half million copies in it's initial release.  It has been re-released over 6 times across multiple platforms across multiple generations of gaming consoles.  It is commonly cited and credited as the game that bellowed the fires of success of a series that has spanned over 23 years and over 90 games. It is regularly cited as being one of the top 50 games of all time, and fans can be seen making celebratory works in honor of it to this very day.    And most importantly to you as a business Capcom, it made you a lot of money: not only via all those sales, but for the brand name seal of quality it gave to the company, endearing you to generations of consumers.
    Now there is another game I know that you recently gave up on. The financial risk again seem all too much to bare, and the concept not yet tested proven to be a financial success.  I also know all too well that you have given up on it months ago, and only announced it officially recently in hopes that fan flames will have died down in the passing time.  But it is a game the developers saw real promise.  It is a game that has a lot of support. And it is a game who's core designs and concepts also sparked a light to those who gave it a chance. Maybe It would be wise to take a page out of your company's playbook history and give a another chance?  The sky's the limit on the possibilities it may bring.
a Customer

07/21/2011 6:36am

What a different world it would be if that little underdog title didn't see the light of day. I still believe Mega Man is capable of making lightning strike twice...

07/25/2011 6:48pm

So true! It seems like all throughout his career at Capcom, Inafune was having to fight the higher-ups to make the best games...

Rightot 2: Dr. Rightot 's Engima
08/04/2011 10:21pm

To give credit where it's due, it was Kitamura Akira (Planner A.K.) who both spearheaded and lead the whole project. Though Inafune agreed and loyally followed along with the project as well.

08/05/2011 8:10am

Now a days nobody at a game devolping companies is grazy enough to say; ok we will make this game in our own time and do our work within a time limit of three months.

Which is sad cause that's the kind of passion we need.

St. McDuck
08/05/2011 10:40am

My problem with all of this is that the first two Mega Man Legends games were ahead of their time, being open world adventures. Legends 3 would have given the series the chance to really shine and thrive on new technology that could really match the ambition of the first two titles.
And honestly, given that they could just use the Capcom MT Framework engine, you'd think the financial risk could be somewhat minimized.

CAH Eternal
08/05/2011 4:48pm

Indeed, Legends 1 and 2 were lightyears ahead of their time.

Very open ended world? Objectives to fulfill as you felt like it?

Kick cans around? 0.o

Sure there was some animal abuse (dog kicking)
But strangely, it was part of it's deep charm.
The very first video game I had ever owned myself was Mega Man Legends, not to say I hadn't loved the Mega Man series or played them. But I was about 7 when I was allowed to buy my first Video Game.
He was amazing...the eerie backdrop (ruins)
the cheerful towns...
brilliant, perfect. Loved every second.
Legends 2 I didn't even know about until 3 or so years after it's release.
I picked it up the first time I saw it in a store though. Because I knew deep down it was gonna be great, and I was not disappointed.
I can't give up on owning the third part of the first game I ever owned. I will not give up!
Mega Man will not die capcom!

08/08/2011 1:29pm

does Capcom need fans to tell it this game is gonna be good? It should be a fact by now with

- 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3



and not just that, but 106,195 views 6,972 replies on the topic SIGN HERE TO SUPPORT MML3!!! CAPCOM KEEP YOUR PROMISE!!! (http://www.capcom-unity.com/devroom/go/forum/view/114725/198297/general_discussion) Capcom not making this games is very foolish if you wont let someones else then.

08/09/2011 12:01pm


Now a days games aren't 8-bit and have less than 400 megabytes. Mega Man 2 was hard to create as only a few people worked on it, in 3 months, and be mindful of the technology and methods used at the time. Imagine how hard would be to create Mega Man Legends 3!


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