MxR/えむくろ demonstrates a boss battle from Nico Nico Douga (STG).  It is a fan game who's bosses comprise of Nico Nico Douga's "celebrities" in the fashion of a 弾幕 (Danmaku=>  Bullet Curtain) shooting game.  It dates back to 2008, so this is before Rockman 10 for those of you who cry foul for lack of a weapon representative for that game.  This does make one appreciate how much of a "monster" Rockman actually is with all the abilities he has assimilated over the years. 

10/19/2011 8:25am

Makes me realize how much Rock needed to bring more of his arsenal over to Cannon Spike. I'd be on board for a Mega Man shmup.

10/21/2011 4:00am

Actually, I would say this is an awesome reason why/how he could of been implemented in MvsC 3. The creators were complaining about Rock not fitting the game because balancing him took out his actual in game fighting style feel.
Why not just do away with balancing, have him be amazingly cheap with projectile spams of a mess weapons, and have him as an unplayable game sub boss? And because it's Rock, no need to feel bad beating him either since he just bursts in that fireworks show just to respawn later. Or have it be a Galactus spawn of some sort works too.

10/22/2011 11:34am

That would give me some actual incentive to buy UMVC3! (Or its inevitable revision likely to be released next year.)

I didn't consider the various excuses given by Capcom for Rock(or X)'s absence as actual problems requiring solutions, just roundabout ways of saying "we didn't put want to put too much time into him, because we wanted these other characters instead." Their reasoning always sounded so silly otherwise.


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