More Dash specific news to keep Rock spirits high during 100,000 Strong's Dash rally effort at NYCC! So capitalizing on the surge of Dash popularity despite Dash 3's cancellation, Circle 千代田屋 (Marouya? My Japanese is not strong enough to be certain of the phonetics,..) has completed the prototype for a Rock Volnutt figure garage kit, that is planned to be sold in the upcoming Winter 2012's Wonderfest.  You can see more photos of the unpainted prototype at the figure's posting on Material SNS FG.   Understanding many might not have an account to access the photos, follow the (Read More) link to see them.

           I will note that the copies here are a tad smaller than the ones on Material SNS FG. It would be rude of me to throw out the incentive for you guys to sign up for their site now, wouldn't it?

10/13/2011 6:49am

I always have the same problem with Japanese names, if there's no kana or ruby and there's more than one different way it could be pronounced (which there always is). I usually just google whatever name and go with the most common one, which got "Chiyodaya" for 千代田屋. Who knows if that's right!

Volnutt's looking pretty good! His body probably does lend itself the most easily to modeling out of all the Mega Men. Hard to tell if he'll have an attachable helmet. It's selfish of me, but I sort of wish they'd used Volnutt's finalized Legends 3 design. Not as iconic I know, but it's currently my favorite, and it hasn't been done before.

10/21/2011 4:07am

I would agree, only because the old designs have been done to death. Both from by various fan made and Official releases. Multiple Official releases too! I will admit that I had to splice the two official releases (Yujin and Bandai) to get a decent looking Volnutt,..

11/05/2011 9:58pm

@Rightot Actually the only figures out are of Legends 2 cept the one I made. Still great to see fans supporting the Legends series :)


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