Yep, "Dancing".
                This year has been rather wild and hectic, has it not?  So much has happened in the world, and also within the world of Rockman. But it's no time to dwell, it's New Year's Eve, time to take a break and Party!  And what better way than for me to put away the writing cap and enjoy a night of dancing?  But if I'm not writing anything, what do you visitors of the site get to do? Well, you get to watch of course!  But before we begin, let us look into the history of the dance you are about to watch,  courtesy of Yatta and people of Know Your Meme.

                Wait, so how is this dance "site appropriate"? Well, it originates from Nico Nico Douga, a place where the Rockman Series and characters have some degree of meme celebrity status.  So as natural course of action, various creators have brought Rockman characters into the Get Down phenomena, having them jiving to the groove that is Koumi Hirose's 'Promise'.  Since the hardest hit this year is Rock, we'll let him start to kick off that stress!

*I don't think Roll enjoyed that all so much.

*Sexy tail wag~

*Practically segways itself to the next video.

*Why you shouldn't wear a muffler with this dance.

*If you are easily embarrassed, make absolutely sure you are alone.

*He may have laughed, but he enjoys doing it too~

*Quick eyes will catch a product I don't think you can ever find at stores~

*Wait, what? Bunny ears?

*Why you make sure Toadman doesn't get into this dance.

*This guy single handedly made this a dance for two~

*Again, quick eyes will spot a participant hiding in plain sight

*Sorry Metalman, not everyone will get it.

And Some Pixel Fun (hopefully you have a large monitor):

*Note Rock's reaction at about the 14 second mark

*Topman sets the mode once again

*You would think a ninja dancer would be more aware of his surroundings

*A firey dance to cap things off, with Super Adventure Rockman Based Bonus Art!

夜風 by Coramune
           And with that, the "2011 Edition" of the E-Can Factory comes to a close.  Comparing it to opening year of Auto's Rockman Robot Centre, it's funny how crazy things were even back then.  Though unlike that time, the ones that really shined were the fans who continue to show their support of Rock despite all the harshness Capcom threw at them.
          To my fellow Rockman Fans on the Internet,  thank you to your continued support, readership and comments to this site.  It has been loads of fun sharing my Rockman ramblings to you all and reading your responses and insights. I look forward to continuing to do so in 2012.


01/10/2012 1:14pm

I tried to do this with action figures one time, but gave up quickly due to camera trouble (trouble was, I didn't know how to use my sucky camera).

A bit late now, but happy 2012! SO GLAD last year's over!


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